Managing warehouses is vital to the success of any business.
Timely provision of the right goods in correct quantities requires accurate coordination and reliable balance. Inventory operations are an essential part of the supply chain and their impact extends to various aspects of the business, from meeting customers’ needs to ensuring profitability. Hence, it is the role of warehouse management program to facilitate and organize these operations.

Why Matix

The software provides an unlimited number of codes

Inventory Alerts

“Warehouse management software provides you with an inventory alert feature that enables you to set automatic notifications to follow the status of inventory. You can set these alerts to receive notifications when inventory becomes too low, or when goods are late to arrive. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to take quick and effective actions to mobilize inventory and avoid any disruption in supply or delays in meeting customers’ needs. This type of alert also helps you strike the perfect balance between supply and demand, improving customer experience and satisfaction with your services. “

track inventory

The easy-to-use interface of the Warehouse Management Software allows you to track every part of your inventory with ease. Whether you are looking for information about the quantities of goods available, or want to control the inbound and outbound movement, you can do so easily and effectively via the simple and understandable interface of the software. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to identify any supply weaknesses and easily organize shipping and receipt, making it easier for you to balance supply and demand effortlessly. “


The program provides a range of tools that help speed up the periodic inventory such as:

Track your products by serial, expiry date or patch number.

Matex provides you with the ability to easily track your products through multiple options; Whether via serial number, shipment number, or expiry date. You can take advantage of these options when adding a new product, as well as using them to immediately monitor the quantity in stock and receive alerts when the quantity of the product reaches a certain level you predetermine in your system account.

advanced reporting

Matex provides detailed reports that help you comprehend and comprehensively analyze inventory movement and performance. You can see information about the quantities available for each item of goods, and select
For goods received, set future arrival dates, and much other important information.
Our reports provide you with the opportunity to comprehensively analyze warehouse performance, including estimating future orders, identifying goods that move quickly and stay in warehouse for long periods, enabling you to make the right strategic decisions to improve warehouse management and overall efficiency

Thanks to our advanced reporting, you will be able to better control your inventory, improve storage and distribution operations, increase customer satisfaction and work efficiency

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