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Be a Partner
Strategically in

MatixERP & MatixPOS

The distributor is a strategic partner that manages the business and sells MATIX products and services on behalf of Sismatix in certain markets.

long-term growth

Partner with Sismatix and save yourself a place as a SAAS service provider

unlimited support

Get all the support needed to better understand our products so you can increase your revenue.

Be a market leader

Help companies in different industries grow their businesses to become market leaders.

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    FAQs about distributor companies

    What is a distributor's partnership?
    Sismatix distributor software looks for licensed companies to become a strategic partner. Companies will be responsible for selling Matix products on our behalf in certain markets and will receive full technical and customer support from the Sismatix team.
    Is becoming a sismatix distributor is a big commitment?
    The goal behind this partnership program is to increase your revenue and not add more commitments. Our distributors are not required to provide preparation or support services as they are provided by Sismatix. As a seller and a pre-agreed commission will be spent on every sale made through you.
    How will it help me to become a sismatix distributor in my business?

    The distributor's partnership is very useful for both parties involved, especially for your organization. As our distributor, you will:

    • احصل على مصدر جديد للإيرادات وزد هامش ربحك
    • أنشئ اسمًا لنفسك في أعمال SaaS
    • كن جزءًا من شبكتنا من الشركاء الرائدين في السوق.

    إذا كان لديك أسئلة، من فضلك تواصل معنا