Matix CRM

Our advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is meticulously designed to help you streamline sales processes, enhance customer interactions, and drive sustainable business growth. With MatixERP CRM, you can manage customer relationships more effectively, ensuring that every interaction is valuable and contributes to achieving your business goals.

Managing potential customers

Capture, track, and manage potential customers from various sources efficiently. Our system ensures that no potential customer is lost, increasing their conversion into loyal, paying customers. Distribute leads to the sales team and easily track their progress through the sales funnel.

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Sales tracking

Visualize and manage the entire sales pipeline from a single dashboard. Our intuitive interface allows you to monitor each stage of the sales process, making it easier to forecast outcomes and track performance. Identify bottlenecks and optimize the sales funnel to close deals faster.

Organizing the sales team's schedules

MatixERP’s CRM system helps you organize the sales team’s schedules and efficiently monitor all their activities. You can easily schedule meetings, calls, and tasks, ensuring no opportunity to connect with customers is missed. The automatic reminder feature and continuous follow-up keep you informed about your team’s appointments and daily activities. Additionally, you can monitor each team member’s performance and analyze their achievements through detailed reports and custom dashboards. This enables you to refine strategies and ensure sales targets are met more effectively and professionally.

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Tracking customer collections

With MatixERP’s CRM system, you can efficiently and accurately track customer collections. The system provides specialized tools to monitor invoices and payments, and send automatic reminders to customers about due amounts. You can also view detailed reports on the status of collections and identify customers who are late in making payments. This helps you improve cash management, mitigate financial risks, and ensure a continuous cash flow that supports your business growth. Additionally, the system allows for direct communication with customers to quickly and effectively resolve any collection-related issues.

Increasing efficiency

Our CRM system reduces manual work, allowing the sales team to focus on what they do best – selling.

Increasing sales growth

Our CRM system provides you with the necessary tools to identify high-potential leads, shorten sales cycles, and increase conversion rates.

Enhancing collaboration

Empower your team to work together more efficiently through shared access to information, improving communication and coordination between sales and marketing teams.

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