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We have been making success stories for over 25 years

Company profile

Sismatix was founded in 1996 as a business software solutions provider in Kuwait. Over the years, we have assisted more than 3,000 customers with software solutions, as well as website development services and mobile applications. Our team of developers, designers and technicians succeeded in providing excellent services for all sizes and types of business in the Arab world. We are proud to develop robust ERP and point of sale systems that have become the first choice for companies looking for success and growth beyond expectations. Our empowerment…

our message

Providing easy-to-use, flexible and scalable business programs that increase efficiency, productivity and profitability

our vision

To be a leading provider of business software solutions and the first choice for companies in the Arab world


to continue and succeed

Our programs have become the most widespread and successful



Over 24 years we have been able to develop ERP systems and POS systems which have become the perfect solution for every project researcher on success



SISMATEX was established as a leading IT company


Maturity of Resources

Our distinguished staff contributed to gaining customer confidence and placed Cesmatex in a high position