Automotive Workshop Management and maintenance centers

Matix provides an integrated solution for managing car workshops and car maintenance service centers, as it consists of a set of interconnected subsystems. These administrative systems enable the follow-up of all stages of car maintenance within service centers, which contributes to improving the effectiveness of management and facilitating the flow of operations.

Ease and effectiveness

The journey begins with booking an appointment online, registering the customer’s data, then registering the car’s data and conducting the inspection through a list of pre-prepared checks to determine the faults, then determining the required repairs and spare parts, issuing an initial cost and sending it to the customer for approval.

After approval, it turns into a work order that records all work, spare parts, and the number of hours for each worker

Distinguished Management

The program allows monitoring employee performance, speeding implementation, and providing distinguished service to customers.

In addition to reports on costs and profits.

make appointments

Your client can book appointments by phone or website

check the car

Through a pre-prepared checklist, the results of the inspection can be recorded and pictures of the faults can be attached


After the inspection work, issue a quote for the required repairs and send it to your customer from Sistam directly


Issue a working order after the price is approved to follow the implementation stages, time consumed, spare parts and employment

Department of Employment

Follow the performance of workers on each service provided inside the garage

customer service

Keep your customer’s data and all its dealings and use them for marketing and follow-up


Based on the quotation, issue invoices to customers and send Linkat to pay and continue collecting

inventory management

Conduct all storage operations of spare parts and equipment from procurement, disbursement and inventory

account management

Integrated accounting system approved by local and international accounting offices

cloud system

Works through Internet browser and mobile devices