Ultimate Food Ordering & Delivery System

Matix.food is an online food ordering and delivery system. You can manage your restaurant & other food ordering stuff with it. It has plenty of amazing features- quick checkout, delivery location availability checker, product extras, invoice print (thermal and receipt), 3 admin panels, etc., to help you build a successful online food business.

Same Page Cart & Checkout System

Matix food’s product checkout system is so fast. You won’t have to click your mouse too many times to access the checkout page. Checkout is available on whichever page you are. Customers could be completed the order from the shop page.

Product Extra Option

Whenever you order any food, you’ll get product extra options based on the food category.

  • Add-ons or extras that are fully customized for your product.
  • The product details popup includes nutritional information and extra options.
  • Has Options for Single Choice
  • Has Options for Multiple Choice
  • Has Options for Limited Choice

Delivery Availability Checker

Helps you locate the delivery location availability using an address, Zip Code, branch, location, etc. You can check the delivery availability using an address, restaurant location, and Zip Code. A delivery or pickup option is available during checkout. (Only delivery/Only Pickup) Shop delivery checking availability option.

3 Types of Admin Panel

consist of 3 types of admin panel. Each panel is very useful and effective to the respective admin manager to manage the orders.

  • An admin panel for Shop Manager.
  • An admin panel for the Kitchen Manager.
  • An admin panel for Delivery Man.

Invoice Print Options

Restrofood makes it easy to manage your online food ordering business with order invoices that are easy to print.

  • Print orders with just one click.
  • It supports both thermal and receipt printers.
  • Text for invoice headers and footers is available.