The accounting program facilitates the management of accounts for SMEs of various kinds, facilitates the recording of restrictions and accurate management of financial transactions and provides detailed financial reports to support strategic decision-making

The Financial Management Program provides you with a range of creative tools to ensure the integration and integration of insurance for your company’s financial statements

chart of accounts

Accounting bonds

The program is known as a number of pre-added accounting movements and the company can add any other number of document types as follows:

In addition to various bonds for each type of movements carried over from different models such as sales, purchases, etc.

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The software provides a range of tools that help in the speed of data entry such as:

data analysis

The program provides a range of analytical centers on which accounting movements can be uploaded

estimated budgets

The company’s expected budgets or cost centres are defined by adding expenditure accounts, income and expected values within a specified period.
For example, an expected budget for the first quarter of 2024 is defined for a specific cost position.
Once this balance is saved, its report can be displayed at any time to present the expected and true figures from the input accounting movements and the difference between them as values and ratios.

Advance expenses and income received in advance

In the event of payment of expenses or collection of income provided for the coming months, the amounts and the number of months provided are added to the Movement’s accounts.
WFP creates the accrued entries for these expenses or revenues on time automatically set without any manual interference with the reconciliation of the accounts provided.


It is a dedicated screen for managers in providing a quick and comprehensive presentation of key figures such as cash value, bank balance, inventory value, customer indebtedness, suppliers and other biomarkers, enabling managers to make strategic decisions effectively based on real-time and accurate information
With real cash flow charts, highest expenditures and monthly comparison of income and expenditures

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